Don’t Let Missing Teeth Ruin Your Lifestyle

There’s no reason to have to put up with missing teeth. With revolutionary dental implant treatment and the evolution of denture and bridge designs, replacing missing teeth has never been simpler.

Here are a few reasons to replace your missing teeth at the earliest opportunity.

Missing teeth can affect your dating life

Your smile is one of your most defining facial characteristics and something that others notice about you right away. If you’re not feeling confident about your smile, this might be something that’s stopping you from getting on the dating circuit. Having missing teeth replaced can give you back the desire to start dating again, and give you the confidence to show off your smile when you meet someone new.

Missing teeth can affect your relationship

The holes that missing teeth leave in your self-esteem can affect even the most long-term relationships. We completely understand that physical and emotional intimacy with your partner can become compromised if you’ve lost some of your teeth, and you shouldn’t have to put up with this, particularly in 2022 when there are fantastic options like dental implants here in Norwich for replacing missing teeth. With dental implants, you can stabilise a set of dentures in place, which means no more slipping and sliding when you’re kissing your partner; this kind of treatment can be transformative.

You might have lost teeth as a result of an injury, gum disease or an infection of the pulp inside your tooth. No matter what the cause of your missing teeth, we have a solution for you here at Corner House Dental.

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Dental implants permanently protect your bite

Today, we’re all looking for the most permanent treatments, whether it’s for our teeth, our skin or our general health. Dental implants tick the permanence box, as they’re anchored directly into the jawbone. Once they’ve healed, they can become a lifelong answer to missing teeth, if you look after them well.

Implants protect your teeth from shifting out of position and creating unnatural gaps in your teeth. In doing so, your bite forces will be evenly distributed, allowing you to chew efficiently and preventing the possibility of tooth wear.

Replace missing teeth to enjoy eating again

It makes sense that if you lose a tooth, your ability to chew will be impaired. However, when this is a back tooth that’s instrumental to your chewing function, the change in the way you bite and break down food will be particularly noticeable. Replacing missing teeth will give you greater freedom over the type of foods you eat. Patients with missing teeth often tell us that they’ve been avoiding certain foods because their oral function is impaired, most specifically chewy and tough foods. Once their teeth have been restored, it’s always fantastic to hear how pleased they are that their chewing function has been restored.

Enjoy being in photos again

Without your smile, being in photographs and videos can feel pretty daunting. Being at special events like weddings or birthday parties can leave you feeling self-conscious when someone goes to take your photograph. With restorations like dentures, bridges and implant-based treatments, you can revive your desire to be in photographs and feel less self-conscious in Zoom calls.

Protect yourself from wider health problems

Having missing teeth places you at greater risk of developing advanced gum disease. Should you develop advanced gum disease (periodontal disease), this can open up a myriad of risks for your general health.

Many people do not make the connection between oral health problems and wider health complications. Research into links between missing teeth and heart disease has been more and more prevalent in recent years; there is now enough evidence to confirm that advanced gum disease can lead to plaque entering the bloodstream, compromising your arteries. Research is also ongoing into a possible link between gum disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

As the open pocket that previously housed a tooth is now exposed, it becomes a gateway through which bacteria can enter. Once inflammation of the gums occurs, other teeth can become affected, leading to more bone loss and in severe cases, the loss of more teeth. Avoid this domino effect by getting missing teeth replaced as soon as you can.

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Norwich dental implants: Corner House Dental are here for you

Here at our Norwich-based dental practice, we’ve been replacing our patients’ teeth with dental implants for many years. Our experienced dentists have undertaken further training, so as to offer you the very best care.

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