Why facial rejuvenation treatments are a better option than cosmetic surgery 

Here at Cornerhouse, we offer non-invasive facial aesthetics treatment designed to give you younger-looking skin and a fresher, wrinkle-free appearance.

Further benefits of facial rejuvenations treatments at Cornerhouse:

  • Get your confidence back –  We all want to look younger and sometimes the ageing process can leave you feeling a little under confident in your skin. Facial aesthetics can restore your confidence – the biggest change you’ll see might not be aesthetic but spiritual.
  • Benefit from a procedure that gets better each time you have it – Subsequent treatments create a foundation that make the effects last longer.
  • Non-invasive – Unlike cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics procedures are non-invasive. There is no recovery period involved and you can leave the practice and resume your daily activities as soon as you leave us.
  • Quick, painless and easy – Treatment takes around 30 minutes to administer and is also painless.
  • Predictable results – Unlike cosmetic surgery, facial aesthetics treatment point points the exact areas of the face that you wish to enhance and produces predictable results.
  • Treatment to enhance your natural features – Facial aesthetic treatment takes your natural features and enhances them, unlike cosmetic surgery which can often result in irrevocably bloating certain areas of the face and changing the make-up of your face.

How does Botox work?

Botox is a purified protein that relaxes and softens particular muscles in the face. By reducing muscle activity, the lines and wrinkles fade and become less pronounced, all whilst maintaining your natural features.

Botox and cosmetic dentistry together

Botox is effective in giving you a fresher-looking facial aesthetic as a standalone treatment but this is further enhanced when used in conjunction with cosmetic dental treatments such as tooth whitening and veneers. Your dentist at Cornerhouse will be able to recommend which cosmetic dentistry treatments could best compliment your treatment.

Are you interested in facial aesthetics in Norwich? Contact us to arrange a consultation and we can talk through your expectations of treatment with you.