How Getting a Dental Implant can Change your Dental Health Forever

Many people do not realise how much a missing tooth can impact their dental health, with issues such as jawbone resorption and loss of self-esteem often being overlooked until problems become severe.

 Implants preserve jawbone health

One of the lesser known consequences of a missing tooth is jawbone loss. Your jawbone receives stimulation from your teeth, which make constant small movements throughout the day when you chew and speak. When you lose a tooth, the area of jawbone that is not occupied with a tooth is not receiving the stimulation is needs and therefore begins to shrink, as the tissue has no tooth around which to grow. While you are missing a tooth, your jawbone can shrink up to 4mm each year, eventually leading to facial collapse and causing you to look older than your years.

Implants produce aesthetic results

Dental implants are made in the image of your smile; your dentist here at Corner House Dental will take features like your eye colour, skin colour, and hair colour into account when creating the restoration (aesthetic element) of your implant. We will also look at your bite structure and the shape of your existing teeth.

Implants restore confidence

Having one or more missing teeth can become a huge source of anxiety, especially as jawbone resorption occurs. In some cases, the jawbone shrinks to the point where the chin protrudes due to the lack of jawbone to support it. Such a dramatic change to a person’s facial structure can be a shock and leave them feeling self-conscious about their appearance. If you are missing a tooth that is part of the ‘social six’ (the teeth most visible when you smile), it can feel intimidating to smile and reveal a vacant space in the your mouth to colleagues, friends, family members or partners.

Here at Corner House Dental we can offer All-On-4 implants, which support a dental bridge for people who have several missing teeth, or single dental implants to replace a single missing tooth.

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