The glitzy and glamorous origins of veneers & their properties

The first veneers were created in none other than Hollywood for actors who did not have smiles that cut the camera and glitzy world of film. Veneers were invented by Califonian dentist Charles Pincus in 1928 and later created acrylic veneers that could be retained by denture adhesive. It became apparent that veneers could be used on a wider scale and be made available to the public but their designs would have to develop in order to improve their longevity. The etching process did not emerge until 1959 when Dr Michael Buonocore experimented with bonding porcelain veneers to etched enamel – this was a big part of developing the aesthetic side of veneers, ensuring that they did not protrude over the patient’s existing teeth.

Veneers can last for between 10-15 years

According to 1-800-DENTIST, veneers can last between 10-15 years with proper care and have a reputation for being strong and resistant to damage. The type of habits that can however, shorten the lifespan of your veneers are biting down hard on foods and ice and eating and drinking food and drink that are high in acidity.

They can be looked after in the same way as your natural teeth

Veneers are easy to look after as they are permanently bonded to your teeth and consequently can be looked after in the same way as your existing teeth.

Veneers are stain-resistant

If properly looked after, veneers can remain untarnished by surface staining, being a tenacious choice of treatment. As they are made from porcelain, which is non-porous, it’s difficult for stain-causing molecules to permeate the veneers.

Veneers can do marvels for your confidence

When you have a damaged, cracked, worn or discoloured tooth, it can seriously impact upon your desire to smile and cause you some embarrassment and worry when in the company of others. Here at Cornerhouse, veneers are custom made to be inkeeping with your smile and features such as your eye, skin and hair colour, so as to give the most authentic result possible.

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