Your Guide To Having A Tooth Removed

The idea of having a tooth extracted can be daunting, though with today’s technologies, it has never been a simpler and here at Corner House Dental we aim to make this procedure as stress and pain-free for the patient as possible.

Let’s look at some of the reasons for tooth extraction:

Crowding – a dentist may decide tooth extraction is necessary when preparing the mouth for orthodontic treatment.

Infection – when tooth decay or damage extends to the pulp, (the main part of the tooth that contains blood vessels and nerves) bacteria in the mouth can be allowed to enter the pulp, resulting in infection. This can be corrected with root canal therapy but in the case of a severe infection or when antibiotics cannot handle it, extraction may be needed to help prevent the spread of infection.

Risk of infection – if your immune system is compromised (you are having an organ transplant or are receiving chemotherapy), the risk of an infection can be reason enough to remove the tooth.

What is involved in having a tooth removed?

The removal of a tooth is generally straightforward and takes a few minutes. During the procedure you will not feel pain though you are likely to be aware of the noise of the equipment and the pressure of it around your tooth. You will be given local anaesthetic to numb the site where the tooth is being removed – you can opt for IV sedation if you wish – this is particularly effective for nervous patients.

After the procedure some minor bleeding is normal for a day or two and this can be controlled by applying pressure over the area. You will be advised about what type of painkillers to use in order to ease any pain. You may experience some swelling and bruising which will usually peak on the second day after extraction and will subside over the week after the procedure. Opening your mouth fully wide may be challenging for a week or so and any stitches you have will fall out on their own by 2-4 weeks.


If you would like more information about tooth extraction at Corner House Dental, please do not hesitate to contact us.