What Happens When You Avoid Dental Check-ups Overtime?

Regular check-ups with the dentist are essential, whether you’re 6, 26 or 106 years of age and in many cases, the consequences of dodging a bi-monthly/annual appointment will not emerge until serious signs show. We illustrate the consequences of avoiding regular appointments at different stages in life. 

A study conducted by the Health and Social Care Information Centre revealed that half of adults have not been to the dentist in the past two years and that a third of the child population of the UK had not visited either; tooth decay remains the most common reason why 5-9 year-olds are admitted to hospital and is an entirely avoidable issue. Many adults put off going to the dentist due to extreme dental phobia.

1-2 years without a dental check-up

Failing to attend a check-up appointment, coupled with a year or two of neglecting to brush your teeth correctly and with the correct technique is highly likely to lead to the first signs of gum disease – these signs include painful and bleeding gums. Unfortunately, many patients brush less to avoid the discomfort of brushing sensitive gums, causing the problems to worsen.

After two years of no check-up, the chances are that the individual in question will have some degree of toothache or require expensive treatments to combat the underlying problems. Other complications like gum recession, a cavity or the need for a root canal may be present. By this stage, the patient’s oral health is becoming precarious. Attending regular appointments is an investment into your future, financially as well as in terms of your health and wellbeing.

5 years without a dental check-up

After 5 years without a visit, the underlying oral health problem will have manifest into cause for serious concern. This is the stage at which the consequences of having failed to apply basic upkeep techniques will compromise the long-term survival of the patient’s teeth. There is a strong chance that you may end up losing a tooth at this stage.

10 years without a dental check-up

By this point the shape of the patient’s mouth could be concerning – teeth become crooked and crowded as a result of no intervention. Teeth will be worn, extremely sensitive and certain foods will be off limits.


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