How To Help Your Child Adapt To Braces

It is common for parents to be concerned about their child’s reaction to braces. While we may accept the necessity of orthodontic treatment for our children, it’s hard for parents to witness their child be fearful of the idea.

Here, we outline three ways to nurture your child’s enthusiasm for their braces

1) Let them know they aren’t alone

Did you have orthodontic treatment? Has another family member? What about other children at their school or clubs? If you know someone, ensure they have the chance to talk to your child about braces. This has a two-pronged effect. Firstly, an awareness that others have had treatment helps to normalise the idea in the child’s mind. Secondly, hearing it ‘from the horse’s mouth’ is hugely reassuring – your child can feel assured by someone they know personally that treatment isn’t the big deal they are envisaging.

2) Knowledge is power

Make sure that your child fully understands how their braces will work and why their braces are needed. The orthodontist will be able to explain the way in which the braces will operate and the long-term effects of the treatment. Once they understand the necessity, they are likely to feel much more positive about the process.

3) Never underestimate excitement

Foster a sense of enthusiasm about the final result. Whether that be by talking about the positive effects of well aligned teeth or by looking at the attractive smiles of celebrities or favourite TV characters, discussing the benefits of a perfect smile will go a long way towards getting your child excited about the end result.

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