Homemade Orthodontics

Recently, an online trend has started which sees people use ‘gap bands’. These people are usually young girls who claim to create makeshift braces with elastic bands, apparently in order to close gaps in their teeth rather than opt for professional braces. Absent from these videos is any insight into what a dangerous and appalling concept this is.

The following can result from such a practice:

  • discoloured teeth when the blood supply to the tooth is damaged
  • Serious infection in the gums which may even change the shape of them
  • Tooth loss as a result of the infection and/or loss of blood supply

There is a misguided notion that these gap bands can be a quick fix option, but actually the risk of long term dental treatment being a necessity is increased by using these: the treatment needed to address the damage is likely to take much longer than the professional treatment which would have sorted whatever the ‘gap bands’ intended to fix.

At Cornerhouse, we offer the Six Months Smiles orthodontic treatment to produce results. Key benefits include:

  • it takes just six months on average
  • it is barely visible: using clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires

The range of orthodontic treatments available means that there is just no reason to try the gap bands method – you are most likely to increase your need for intensive professional orthodontic treatment.

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