How To Keep Your Natural Teeth For As Long As Possible

Your teeth are the only part of your body that cannot repair themselves, which means taking preventative steps to keep them healthy is essential. Whatever stage of life you’re in, tooth and gum health is important and it’s what you do in your younger years that will determine the quality of your oral health later in life. Here is some advice on how to keep your natural teeth for as long as possible. 

Regular check-ups

This may seem like an obvious one but believe it or not, more than a quarter of adults admit to only visiting the dentist when they have a problem. With this in mind, people in the UK could certainly benefit from prioritising an annual check-up and this may save them thousands of pounds later on when they don’t require complex treatment as a result.

Don’t ignore toothache

We all experience sensitive teeth every once in a while, especially after eating particularly hot or cold foods. But if you find this happening on a regular basis or for a prolonged period, you should be contacting us to make an appointment, as it could be a sign of the need for intervention, notably a root canal, which does not always present many symptoms apart from sensitivity and mild toothache. The need for a root canal arises when acid has corroded your tooth enamel (your tooth’s protective coating) and when this spreads to the pulp of the tooth, a root canal is necessary to salvage the tooth. However, if this is not caught early enough, extraction becomes the only option.

Address teeth grinding

Teeth grinding can cause a number of problems including head, jaw, and ear ache. However, teeth can also become loose and more prone to falling out and cause jaw damage, which can be complex to treat. If you find you have problems with teeth grinding, make an appointment here with us in Norwich and we can give you treatment options such as a occlusal splint or orthodontic mouthguard to prevent you grinding during the night.

Straighten your smile

With a diversity of brace types of choose from in 2019, there is no longer an excuse to avoid undergoing orthodontic treatment as an adult, especially when these brace models are less invasive than ever before. Misaligned and widely spaced teeth are challenging to brush and do not allow you to reach certain parts of the mouth, as they are obscured by the teeth that are out of place. By tackling such problems, you will be able to maintain a healthier smile in the long term and avoid the risk of developing a more severe manifestation of gum disease.


If you would like to book a general dental or hygienist check-up with us here at Corner House, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.