Major Breakthroughs In The World Of Modern Dentistry

The world of dentistry has flourished significantly over the past 40 years, with the introduction of technology that has facilitated many different treatments. Below, we explore some of the most notable and how they have made a difference.

Digital impressions

Anyone who has had an alginate impression will know that it isn’t the most pleasant of experiences. This is due to the gloopy impressions material used, notorious for inducing a gag reflex in patients which in turn, makes it tricky for your dentist to take an accurate impressions first time over. The introduction of digital impressions have streamlined many different treatments including Invisalign clear aligners, now offered by us here at Corner House Dental, making the process easier for dentist and patient alike. First introduced in 1973, digital impressions are a simple scan of your teeth, meaning no more discomfort for you the patient and your dentist can complete this stage of treatment in less time because of the need for less repeats.

Invisalign – a removable orthodontic appliance

Until very recently, adult patients who required orthodontic treatment were putting it off due to the limited and invasive treatment options available to them. However, one method of treatment that has made tackling the issue of misaligned and widely spaced teeth much easier for patients is the introduction of Invisalign clear aligners to the market, pioneered in 2000 by students in California. Invisalign is a series of removable transparent aligners, created for your exact tooth structure (via the use of digital impressions). The removable aspect of the appliance has attracted many client and customer-facing professionals, who desired a treatment that would make minimal changes to their smile throughout the treatment period. The aligners are worn 22 hours each day, giving you flexibility to eat and brush as normal and with an increasing amount of us following specific diets like Keto, vegetarian and vegan, this has been particularly attractive. Celebrities such as Kathy Bates and Tom Cruise have endorsed the treatment (the latter even wore his on the red carpet!) and over 4 million people have now been treated with Invisalign.

Dental implants

Losing a tooth can be stressful and have a profound effect on your self confidence and whilst dentures address the issue in terms of aesthetics, the only treatment that restores function and aesthetics to 100%, is dental implants. As they replace your tooth’s root, your body’s tissues begin to grow around the implant again, as they would with your existing teeth. By contrast, because dentures are a removable solution, the jawbone can begin to recede (or shrink) because it is not receiving the correct stimulation. Once dental implants treatment is complete, you can care for the tooth in the same way you would a normal tooth. You can read more about how dental implants restore the health of your jawbone here.


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