Mouthguards are often thought of as clumsy and even funny accessories – who doesn’t crack a smile at a huge, forced, brightly coloured grin? However, mouthguards, by protecting your teeth and gums from injury, serve an extremely important purpose. Many people don’t realise how common damage to the mouth from sporting injuries is – or indeed, how much wearing a mouthguard can help reduce the risk of such damage.

So, sport and your teeth – what are the real dangers?

Obviously, not every sport carries the same risk. When asking yourself whether you need to wear a mouthguard, here are the three main questions you should consider:

1) Is it a contact sport?

When competing in a non-contact sport, the risk of injury to your teeth and gums is smaller than in a contact sport. However, even in non-contact sports, the use of moving objects such as balls which could collide with your mouth may mean that it’s worth investing in a mouthguard.

2) Is the head an intentional target?

If it is, then there is even more need to use a mouthguard. Force to the head means potential force to the teeth and jaw and so an increased risk of injury.

3) Is it worth the risk?

Ultimately, you must consider what could occur if you were injured – would you regret not having worn a mouthguard?

Today, there are a range of mouthguards available to you. You can buy a ready made one, go for a mouth-adapted version – also known as the ‘boil and bite’ or opt for a custom made one. Please don’t underestimate the importance of a good fit – even when wearing a mouthguard, if the fit is poor, dental trauma may still occur.

At Cornerhouse, we can help you with this. We offer a custom-made dental mouthguard that will fit your mouth perfectly and offer you the ultimate protection when out playing sports. Book an appointment online or call us on 01603 621613 to find out more.