Do You Need To See The Dentist?

It isn’t always easy to know whether or not you need to visit the dentist. Some people don’t feel the need to keep up regular appointments because everything looks fine to them while others are unsure about whether or not something unusual necessitates attention.

So when should you come and see us?

Answer 1: Frequently!

You should be visiting your dentist at least every six months, even if you have no concerns about your dental health. Dental problems can begin before the symptoms become obvious and your dentist can spot any potential problems before they manifest themselves even deeper. The sooner any issues are spotted, the less time they have to take root and the sooner they can be sorted!

Answer 2: When your gums are bleeding

If you spot blood when you brush your teeth, this could mean you have gum disease. It’s a common condition where gums become sore and/or infected. Your dentist can check whether this is the case and get you started on the right course of treatment so that there are no further problems.

Answer 3: If you are in pain

We can help! We will be able to determine the root of the problem and treat it so that you are free of pain.

Answer 4: If you have bad breath

This is actually a common indicator of infection or gum disease. We can identify whether this is the case and get your breath back to a fresh state!

Answer 5: If you have discoloration or staining

We will be able to pinpoint why this change in the appearance of your teeth has occurred and address any underlying dental problems. We can also consider cosmetic dentistry methods to return your teeth to their natural gleam.

Answer 6:  If you have broken teeth

The sooner you see us, the better our chance of saving your damaged tooth. The site will need cleaning to prevent infection.

If you are displaying any of the above symptoms, us a call today on 01603 621613 to book an appointment.