New Year’s Eve Boozing: What These Drinks Do To Your Teeth

It’s nearly New Year’s Eve! And whilst this year might feel a little different, it’s likely that many of us will still be having a tipple in the lead up to when the clock strikes 12. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of most commonly-consumed alcoholic drinks and the effect they have on our teeth.


We all love a bit of wine over Christmas time, but be sure you’re considering the health of your smile when you’re enjoying your favourite glass. Both red and white wine are equally bad for eroding your teeth; whilst red wine contains tannins which stain your teeth, white wine is more acidic and prone to damaging your tooth enamel. The solution? If you’re happy drinking through a straw to salvage your smile, this is a great way to stop it from coming into contact with your teeth. Meanwhile, having a glass of water at hand to have after each sip at wine will help to cleanse your mouth and stop bacteria lingering.


Beer has a pH level of between 4 – 5.5, putting it the category of drinks that has the potential to wear away at your tooth enamel if readily consumed. Try choosing light craft beers, which tend to have higher levels of calcium and silicon that will promote strong bones and teeth, as the barley an hops they contain are unroasted in the brewing process.


What is New Year’s Eve without something fizzy?! Here in the UK we consume 36% of the world’s Prosecco – unfortunately it’s not a friend to our teeth. Prosecco causes tooth erosion as it’s carbonated and extremely high in sugar.

The good news is there are steps you can take to protect your teeth if you’re a Prosecco drinker. Try using a straw to stop the liquid from coming into contact with your teeth and rinse your mouth within 30 minutes of drinking it to wash away the sugar. Alternatively, snacking on cheese can also benefit your teeth; as it’s rich in calcium and protein, it will act as a shield against the acids in the mouth. Learn more about how cheese can benefit your smile here.  

Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve!