Orthodontic mouthguards – the perfect Christmas gift

Orthodontic mouthguards make a fantastic Christmas gift for your child, allowing them to enjoy contact sports and offering them the highest levels of protection. 

What kind of sports do mouthguards protect your teeth from?

  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • American football
  • Squash

How do orthodontic mouthguards work? 

Orthodontic custom made mouthguards are made from a compressive and flexible material that slows the impacting object/force down and halt over a longer period, reducing the overall force being transmitted. The guard distributes the force over a wider surface area rather than letting one specific area take the the full effects of the blow. Despite undergoing heavy impact, the mouthguard is able to return to its original shape.

How is the mouthguard created? 
We will invite you to attend an initial consultation where we will talk you through the process of getting an orthodontic mouthguard. Following this, we can take a mould of your teeth to use as the basis for the design of your mouthguard – the fact that it is completely custom created is what makes the level of protection so superior to its over-the-counter counterparts – it is also thicker,
Benefits of custom made mouthguards over shop-bought mouthguards

  • Increased comfort levels – you are not likely to experience a gag reflex  as the mouthguard is shaped your your exact tooth structure.
  • Minimum changes to your speech – this is a particular advantage where team sports are concerned as there is need to communicate with team mates, which can be difficult if your mouthguard is uncomfortable and not a proper fit for your mouth.
  • Give your child’s teeth the best possible protection.
  • Avoid the need for more complex treatment should an injury occur.

Once your dentist has taken a mould, this can be sent away to the dental laboratory, where your mouthguard can be custom created for your smile.

If you would like more information about orthodontic mouthguards at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.