Orthodontic Treatment To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Smile: Six Month Smiles

There was a time when adults would shy away going anywhere near braces. And who can blame them? Design options were clunky, limited and unsightly. Today, brace models have come a long way and many adults are embracing (pardon the pun!) the diversity of brace designs available to them.

One such example is Six Month Smiles, designed to treat cosmetic issues with the teeth know as the “social six”, otherwise known as those most visible when you smile. As you might have guessed, this fixed brace can tackle issues with the front bottom and top six teeth, in as little as six months.

Thanks to the innovation of Six Month Smiles, patients can have issues such as misaligned, widely spaced and crooked teeth treated, without having to commit to a 6 month-plus brace-wearing period, making them ideal as a way to get your smile looking great for a forthcoming special occasion. Braces used to be known uniquely for treating severe structural issues but now we have braces like Six Month Smiles on offer, more minor, cosmetic-based issues can be addressed in isolation.

How straighter, healthier-looking teeth improve your confidence

When you have misaligned, crooked or widely spaced teeth – especially those that are most on display when you smile – it’s easy to feel self conscious and reluctant to do things such as be in photographs, go on dates or meet new colleagues at work. As well as affecting the way you look, teeth that aren’t straight can actually cause speech impediments. Undergoing orthodontic treatment can tackle this and allow you to break down food more competently, as your teeth won’t have any unnatural gaps.

A brace that keeps your teeth looking great during treatment 
The characteristics of Six Month Smiles braces are one of their main USPs. Their ceramic brackets mean they blend in seamlessly with your smile and the recent addition of tooth-coloured wires add to their discreet appearance. When we come to create your brace, we’ll take impressions of your teeth to make sure we create braces that are a perfect match for your smile.

If you would like more information about the treatments our orthodontists in Norwich offer patients here at our Norwich practice, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly reception team, who will be delighted to offer you more information.