The Perfect Time For Braces

Deciding when to get braces can be tricky. Over 200,000 children and adults received orthodontic treatment last year. What do you need to take into account when considering joining the masses?


It is true that orthodontic treatment is ideally carried out when young. However, there is a point where youth can be a hindrance. For some, there can be little point in orthodontic treatment if the majority of baby teeth are yet to fall out. The most successful point is usually when the mouth is still growing and so malleable but that enough adult teeth have grown through to benefit from the treatment. However, really the decision must be made based on the needs of the individual – the dentist or orthodontist is best placed to assess and address a child’s orthodontic needs.


In a word: no. Over 50% of all orthodontic patients are adults. It’s also worth taking note of just how many recent developments have occurred in the orthodontic world. Clear or tooth coloured braces and short term treatments are now available, meaning the braces of yesteryear are no longer the only option for adults today. When deciding whether or not to take the plunge, ask yourself whether the long or short term effects mean more to you. Is the short-term investment worth the long-term pay off? If so, consult your dentist now about your choices and what would work best for you. Change is possible and the moment hasn’t passed – please don’t feel that you are resigned to the current angles or position of your teeth. You are never too old to seek progress!

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