Plaque/Disclosing Tablets

Disclosing tablets. Most of us know what they are but not many of us use them. With this in mind, here we outline some key facts about them and what you need to know.


Disclosing tablets work by dyeing the plaque on your teeth so that the invisible can be seen. Once you spot the dyed area, you can brush again and make sure it is all removed.

You should brush your teeth before using them to rid the mouth of food debris which will pick up the dye. Then use a tablet to see what you’ve missed – and brush again to rid yourself of what’s left. When you no longer see any dye, you can feel much more confident about the cleanliness of your teeth.


Plaque will harden if it is not removed. It will then become tartar. Tartar is such a hard tough substance than just brushing will not be enough to remove it – it’s like cement. The bacteria in tartar releases acid which softens and erodes the tooth enamel and could lead to tooth decay. Disclosing tablets are a way of ensuring that you are doing all you can to stop the formation of plaque.


Disclosing tablets can be bought in chemists and supermarkets. Consult your dentist about what’s best for you – call us on 01603 621613 to book an appointment.