The popularity of Six Month Smiles

More and more adults are being attracted to orthodontic treatment and with options such as Six Month Smiles and it’s no surprise why. Brace models are less invasive than ever in terms of aesthetic and function; a huge factor for adults having treatment in fact, 1 in 5 patients undergoing orthodontic treatment is now an adult.

Discreet brace design

Six Month Smiles are a fixed brace that incorporate aesthetic design features which include:

  • Clear-coloured brackets.
  • Tooth-coloured wires that are custom made to match the shade of your existing teeth, helping them blend in more effectively.

Suitable for mild to moderate orthodontic issues

Six Month Smiles can straighten your teeth in as little as 6 months and can tackle mild to moderate orthodontic issues. Six Month Smiles focuses on the ‘social six’, phrased used to describe those teeth which are visible when you smile.

Custom made for you

Here at Cornerhouse, we take impressions of your teeth to obtain accurate measurements of your mouth, so that your braces can be created accordingly. The impressions will be sent away to a laboratory where the braces can be manufactured and then returned to us; we will then fit your braces, carefully securing each bracket to each individual tooth.

Six Month Smiles amalgamates the efficacy of traditional brace models and how they move your teeth into a desired position, with a cosmetically appealing design.

Am I eligible for Six Month Smiles?

  • Feeling self-conscious when you are around other people and smile or speak.
  • You work closely with others for your career and an improvement to your smile would give you improved confidence.
  • You have an important event coming up and would like to look your best.
  • You would like to improve your smile to give you more confidence around others.


If you would like more information about Six Month Smiles here at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.