Remote Orthodontic Treatment: Invisalign Clear Aligners

The coronavirus pandemic has placed many obstacles in the path of people all over the U.K, and indeed the world, including access to dental care. With practices forced to close for much of last year, it’s possible that you may have fallen behind with your smile goals and had to put getting certain treatment on hold. One treatment that has proven to be well suited to remote care, is Invisalign. This removable aligner system is a globally popular treatment and has benefitted over 9 million patients worldwide. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth, correct your bite or close together widely spaced teeth, Invisalign could be ideal for you.


Why choose Invisalign to correct your smile?  

Invisalign is a popular treatment for a variety of reasons; from the level of flexibility it offers patients, to the discreet design of the aligners (which are custom made for your smile), there’s no question Invisalign is the gold standard in removable clear aligner technology and treatment.

Each day, patients are able to remove the aligners for 2-hours and use this time to eat and brush without any disruption to their treatment, something that’s not possible in the case of fixed braces. No more food getting stuck in your brace and running the risk of you developing potential oral hygiene problems, or having to limit yourself to soft foods only. The fact that Invisalign allows for the consumption of a wide variety of foods has proved to be particularly valuable to patients during the lockdown period, with research suggesting the U.K public have been embracing the joy of discovering new foods in the past year. If you’re still required to shield or stay at home, a flexible treatment option like Invisalign removable clear aligners offer the freedom to keep enjoying lockdown cooking and a balanced diet, without limitations.

Why choose Corner House Dental for Invisalign clear aligners treatment?  

Here are a few reasons to choose us on your journey to a beautiful and healthy smile:

    • Specialist team: our team here is made up of skilled orthodontists in Norwich, who are required to have advanced training and who are constantly looking to further their expertise. You’re in experienced hands with us.

    • Private orthodontic treatment: choose us for private orthodontic treatment and avoid long waiting lists for Invisalign in Norwich.

If you would like to know more about adult orthodontics and Invisalign clear aligners at Corner House Dental, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, here at our Norwich Dental practice.