Straighter teeth in as little as 6 months with Six Month Smiles

Are you looking to restore your smile with orthodontic treatment but aren’t keen on the idea of a lengthy treatment period? Six Month Smiles is a state-of-the-art treatment that tackles mild to moderate alignment, crowding and spacing issues with the teeth that are visible when you smile, known as the ‘social six’. Read on to find out more about this treatment, offered by us here at Cornerhouse.

Six Month Smiles and their design

The brace will be custom made for your exact tooth measurements, achieved by taking impressions of your teeth, which will become the foundation for your brace. One of the stand-out characteristics of the appliance is the discreet design, right down to the brace hardware. The brace’s brackets are clear-coloured and a more recent development is the introduction of tooth-coloured wires, which help the brace blend in with your smile even more. Six Month Smiles is particularly appealing to working professionals who are looking for minimal changes to their smile throughout the treatment period.

It is a common misconception that short-term orthodontic treatment options means a tighter version of a normal brace and that this could cause discomfort to patients. In reality, the Six Month Smiles brace applies low pressure to your teeth, gently guiding them into a desired position – there is no risk of damage to your teeth, tooth roots or gums and discomfort is only mild, as with other fixed brace types.


To prevent your teeth from shifting back into their original position, your orthodontist here at Cornerhouse will create a custom retainer for you to wear after the braces treatment period is complete. This part of treatment should be considered as just as important as the brace-wearing period, as once your brace initially comes off, your teeth are susceptible to movement, so don’t let all of your hard work go to waste!


If you would like more information about orthodontic treatment at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us.