The Best Reasons to Choose Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth

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We offer Invisalign clear aligners, a globally popular alternative to braces.

#1 Remove your aligners when you need to

One of the past pitfalls of traditional braces is that they’re fixed, and can’t be removed during the treatment period. Invisalign has reversed this idea, allowing patients to take them out, without jeopardising your treatment.

There are a number of advantages of Invisalign clear aligners being removable. Firstly, this means you’re able to take them out when you need to clean your teeth, and when you eat. Fixed braces can make eating some foods a challenge, particularly sticky and tough foods, which can become stuck in the brace hardware (the wires and brackets) – it’s actually advised that patients stay away from these types of foods during treatment with fixed braces.

Invisalign allows you the freedom to eat whatever you choose, which makes them attractive to those following certain diets. With more people in the U.K following diets including the vegan diet, the vegetarian diet, the raw food diet and the gluten-free diet, having a treatment that doesn’t interfere with such eating habits is an important factor in choosing braces than ever in the past.

#2 Discreet aligners that are barely noticeable

Another major factor dictating patients’ choice of braces today, is whether or not they’re conspicuous. As Invisalign treatment can span (on average) anything from 12-18 months, the way you wish your smile to look during this time is something we recommend thinking about before making a final decision.

Invisalign clear aligners are made from transparent plastic, so they’re barely visible to others. The lack of brackets and wires also makes them more aesthetically pleasing.

#3 Incorporating state-of-the-art technology  

When Invisalign came on the market, one of the remarkable things about the clear aligners system was the ground-breaking technology it encompassed. The amazing iTero machine used to take impressions before you have treatment means no more messy impressions are necessary. A simple scan of your teeth will allow your dentist to send over the necessary diagnostic information to the Invisalign lab, where your aligners are custom made.

Another stand-out feature of Invisalign is that patients can see the movements their teeth will go through during treatment, but before the aligner-wearing period actually begins. Using 3D imaging, we can re-create a picture of how your teeth will look like once your treatment is over.

Here in Norwich, we’ve found patients relish the opportunity to see a projection of what their teeth will resemble after treatment, giving them a huge incentive during the treatment months to come.

#4 A tailored treatment experience

Great dentistry is always tailored to the patient’s exact needs. Your Invisalign treatment will be planned to adhere to you, depending on what is necessary to transform your teeth. It may be that crowding problems need to be addressed, or that your teeth are badly aligned and need moving into a position where they look symmetrical and are not overlapping. Invisalign can also correct problems with your bite, which prevents tooth wear in the future.

#5 Comfortable treatment

Invisalign aligners are made from smooth plastic, which means there’s no risk of any damage to your teeth as a result of any wires or metal making contact with your cheeks or other tissues in your mouth.

Each aligner is made exactly for your teeth and will be created to follow your teeth’s journey as they change throughout treatment. Invisalign aligners take very little time to acclimatise to. In a couple of days, you’ll come to notice that… you don’t actually notice them at all!  

Live your best life during treatment

As we’ve mentioned above, Invisalign gives freedom of opportunity to patients, thanks to their removable quality. Invisalign is a treatment that puts your day-to-day life first. Patients are required to wear the aligners for 22 hours each day, leaving 2 hours every day during which you can take them out to enjoy hobbies like playing a wind instrument, engaging in contact sports, and singing. These are all things that can pose a challenge with fixed braces.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces that let you go about your daily life with minimal interruption, choose Invisalign in Norwich at Corner House Dental. 

We help many patients correct their smiles with braces every year here in Norwich. Don’t take our word for it – listen to some patient testimonials here.

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