The Foods To Love and Avoid When It Comes To Your Teeth This Christmas

Christmas is a time of year for indulgence and this year, more than ever, we all deserve a bit of TLC in the form of our favourite Christmas food and drink. Make sure you’re clued up on which food and drink is on the naughty list and nice list when considering the health of your smile this Christmas – we’ve set out a couple of examples of both below!

Naughty list


We all love a tipple at Christmas – here in Britain, we’re particularly good at Christmas drinking! However, certain drinks are an enemy to your smile, so make sure you’re informed about which to have in moderation or avoid altogether. Red wine tends to get a lot of the blame when it comes to discolouration but white wine is actually just as bad because of its acidity and sugar content. If you’re planning on sipping a few glasses over the Christmas period, why not drink through a straw to stop the liquid from coming into contact with your teeth, particularly if you have cavities? Make sure you also have water at hand, which will wash away the tannins that can stain your teeth.  

Caramel and toffee

This is something many of us enjoy when we dip into the sharing packs – Quality Street comes to mind! Unfortunately caramel and toffee-based confectionary isn’t a friend to your teeth. Thanks to its sticky characteristics, it can easily becomes stuck in between your teeth and failing to remove it will increase your chances to decay and erosion. If you’re a brace-wearer, it’s advised that you avoid it altogether as it can damage your brace and sabotage your treatment.

Nice list


A good cheese board is a must in the evening after Christmas dinner, and the good news is, you can enjoy it guilt-free! Obviously cheese contains a high amount of fat so should be enjoyed in moderation, but it’s actually beneficial for your smile. Research has shown that cheese raises the pH level in your mouth, which lowers your risk of developing cavities. It’s also full of calcium which will help to fortify your teeth.


This humble bird doesn’t get the credit it deserves. A member of the poultry family that’s super healthy for our smiles, turkey is super lean and contains a mix of essential vitamins and minerals that help to keep our teeth and bones strong. If you’re a brace or denture-wearer, it’s an ideal choice over meats like beef, being easy to break down without compromising your appliance.

Wish you a very Merry Christmas!