Tooth Extraction

The thought of tooth extraction can be scary. However, it may be an appropriate solution for ensuring that your mouth and gums are kept healthy. Here at Cornerhouse, we strive to ensure that any extraction is kept relaxing and free of pain.

Who Needs Tooth Extraction?

This could be an option for anyone who makes the decision, after consulting with their dentist, that their tooth is unrestorable or that the useful life of their tooth has expired.

What Happens?

A local anaesthetic is used so that both the tooth and its surrounding area are numb and you will be unable to feel anything as the dentist removes the tooth.

When Will It Be Done?

Though every case is different, tooth extraction is a relatively quick procedure. Once done, your dentist will discuss some aftercare with you and you will be free to head home.

Why Would It Be Necessary?

There are a range of reasons why someone may opt to have a tooth removed. Popular reasons include: orthodontic treatment for overcrowding of the mouth, wisdom teeth growing in the wrong direction and causing discomfort or teeth which have become so damaged or decayed that it is best to have them removed.

If you are concerned about a tooth and would like to discuss your options, please give us a call today on 01603 621613 or book an appointment online.