The Versatility of Veneers: Repair and Restore Your Smile

Veneers have the power to transform your smile and (although it may sound like an exaggeration), your life, giving you back that all-important confidence you may have lost through having unsightly teeth. The origin story behind veneers is a fascinating one; they were first used to repair the smiles of Hollywood actors in the 1930s but were not meant to be worn for longer than a few hours at most. In 2020 veneers are a long-term solution to decay, discolouration and damage, not only protecting your tooth from further wear, but making your smile look beautiful again.

A quick word on how veneers work to protect your teeth and restore the look of your smile. They’re very similar to how a fake fingernail is placed over a real nail, as you can see pictured above.

Veneers are works of art

Veneers are widely considered as carefully crafted works of art in the world of dentistry. The fact that they’re made from porcelain is what renders them such a good aesthetic fit for your smile, as this material is effective at mimicking the light-reflecting characteristics of tooth enamel. They’re also diligently etched to fit in with your smile’s structure. The veneers process involves having a very small amount of tooth matter removed, so your smile can accommodate their thickness. If veneers are being used to treat discolouration, you and your dentist can decide on a tooth shade that pleases you and is in-keeping with your facial aesthetic. We will take factors like your eye, skin and hair colour into consideration – the whole process is bespoke.

They’re resistant to staining  

The fact that veneers are stain-resistant doesn’t mean you should suddenly start neglecting to brush your teeth! It is however, a great benefit that means your teeth will remain looking bright and healthy for the future. Make sure you refrain from smoking and drinking too much alcohol and caffeine which is likely to affect your oral health, even if it does not necessarily have a cosmetic impact on your veneer.

Smile with confidence

If you have an unsightly tooth that forms part of the “social six” (the teeth most visible when you smile), it can affect your desire to smile in front of others. Veneers can also be used to treat widely spaced teeth, another issue that impacts on how healthy your smile looks. A veneer can make you feel better about your teeth and smile day-to-day, improving your relationships with friends, family and colleagues.


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