What does my dental hygienist do?

Many patients will make a visit to the dental hygienist, but for some, the role a hygienist plays in caring for teeth can remain a mystery. Some dentists might absorb the hygienist’s role in smaller surgeries but most have their own dedicated hygienist in house, such as here at Cornerhouse.


Your hygienist has specialist skills to help defend your teeth from damage and to help prepare them for treatment when necessary. Hygienists can dedicate their time to giving your smile a professional clean. They have the tools to reach all those difficulties places and remove plaque that would otherwise lead to decay. Hygienists are your first defence against gum disease and nasty abscesses which can be very painful cause serious discomfort in a patients’ personal and professional life. Using a procedure called scaling, the hygienist will clean the teeth before applying a sealant to help protect your teeth in the future. Sealants act as a barricade helping to prevent plaque from sticking itself to your tooth’s enamel. The hygienist will also talk to you about the best way to care for your teeth. They are able to provide a specific action plan for your mouth, pointing out areas which may be difficult to clean and recommending specialist tools such as interdental brushes to assist you. A hygienist can also help with advice on your diet and lifestyle how this might be impacting on your dental health.


The hygienist will also prepare your teeth for the dentist when you need to undergo treatment. This may include taking X-Rays of your teeth and giving the teeth a deep clean before procedures such as crowns or bridges. If you require dentures, the hygienist will also be on hand to give advice and help with creating a mould and to talk to you if you are finding them uncomfortable. If you are hoping for your teeth to have a little more sparkle, then the hygienist will be able to assist with any whitening treatments. However you will need to have had any treatment approved by your dentist beforehand. It is important that if you are looking to undergo a whitening treatment that you speak to a trained dental professional rather than a retail outlet.


Depending on the treatment you require you may need to visit your hygienist every couple of months but most patients find an annual appointment usually suffices to keep their smile healthy. So don’t delay, give your smile the sparkle it deserves and make an appointment for a professional clean with your hygienist today.