Why do we get toothaches?

There are many reasons behind why we develop a toothache. Not all toothaches last long enough to warrant a trip to the dentist but how can we tell whether or not to give our surgery a call?


Some toothaches are caused by a trauma, like a chip or knock to the teeth during sport or a fall. However if you are unsure what is causing your toothache then your dentist will be able to shed light on the cause with a simple look or with an x ray. Sometimes as teeth develop they shift around in your mouth which can cause some discomfort. Whilst this is perfectly natural, if you are experiencing longer periods of pain then your dentist may look into removing a tooth to relieve some space. It may be that tooth decay has caused your tooth ache and you may need a filling to cure a cavity. If the pain is very severe, then the issue may be in the root of your teeth and affecting the nerves inside. This may require more extensive treatment like a root canal or removal of the tooth.


If any toothache you experience continues after a couple of days then call the surgery to make an appointment to see the dentist as soon as possible. If you experience toothache or indeed lose teeth after a trauma, in a contact sport for example, then you should try to see your dentist immediately. If the surgery is closed you can go to the hospital to try to seek attention. In some cases teeth need to be replaced within half an hour in order to save them so it is important to act fast. In any case it is best to seek advice from the dentist early to ensure you only need to receive a minimal amount of treatment and to prevent any nasty infections.


The best to avoid a toothache is to keep up a good dental health routine. By brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly you can keep plaque at bay. Speak to your dentist at your regular check-ups to identify any areas which may be difficult to keep clean so you can pay extra attention to these and decide if you could benefit from any special interdental brushes. Sadly whilst we cannot prepare for all traumas that can befall our teeth, if you do play any contact sports you can take measures to protect your teeth. Speak to your dentist about having a tailor made mouth guard made to give you the best protection.