Why Replacing Your Teeth Can Be Life-Changing

As dentists, we could be accused of being biased when we say that replacing missing teeth has the power to be life-changing. But if you were to talk to any of our dental implants patients, or read the fantastic testimonials they leave us, you might well agree. Living with missing teeth can be debilitating, particularly over time, as the consequences of having missing teeth worsen the longer you’re living without them.

Dental implants in Norwich

How missing teeth affect your livelihood

Missing teeth can negatively impact your lifestyle in ways you may not have even considered. Here are a few examples:

Your facial anatomy

When you lose teeth, this compromises the condition of your jawbone. Once the jawbone starts to recede due to lack of stimulation, significant facial changes can begin to occur, including hollowed cheeks, an elongated facial aesthetic and a protruding chin.

Your confidence

As your smile is one of the first things others notice about you, it can leave you feeling paranoid and self-conscious that others will notice your missing teeth. We often hear from patients that they’ve been hiding their smiles, for fear of others noticing they have missing teeth, which can have a profound effect on their confidence in the long term. The stability offered by dental implants means you can smile and chew without the worry of slipping dentures or bridges. We use the most authentic-looking and durable materials to create your custom implant-secured dentures or bridge, so you can feel proud about smiling again.

Tooth wear and chewing ability  

Even one missing tooth disrupts the way your teeth break down food, especially if it’s a back tooth like a molar. This can also result in other teeth taking the strain when you break down foods, which can become a problem in the long term, as these teeth weren’t designed to take on this role. Overtime, tooth wear can develop, leading to aesthetic changes and increased tooth sensitivity.

Why dental implants are the answer

Conventional dentures and bridges have been used to replace missing teeth for many years. However, implant-based treatments are a far superior option to these removable solutions. The advantages of implants-based treatments include:

They replace the root of a tooth

The main reason why dental implants can completely rejuvenate a tooth (in the majority of cases) and the jawbone at the surgery site, is because they’re tooth root replacements. As the root of a tooth resides in the jawbone, replacing it triggers the growth of the jawbone.

They offer fantastic stability

The fact that implants replace tooth roots is the reason why the restoration that sits on top is so secure. Dentures and bridges can be screwed into the implant, which means they won’t slide when you eat, laugh and speak.

They can last your whole life

Dental implants emulate real teeth, so they have the potential to last a lifetime if they’re correctly looked after.

‘Teeth in a Day’ in Norwich

Also called the All-on-4 system, Teeth in a Day is an implants treatment that does exactly what it says on the tin. In just one appointment, we can remove any failing teeth, place a dental implant and provide you with a temporary bridge to wear, so you won’t be without teeth at any stage during the overall treatment process.

Implants generally take between 3-9 months to heal, and during this time we’ll create the permanent bridge that will replace the temporary bridge we placed on the day of your implant surgery. This revolutionary implants treatment means you’ll have your chewing and speaking ability restored as soon as you leave the practice after your surgery.

For treatments such as All-on-4 Teeth in a Day, we offer 0% finance, giving you the option to make the cost of treatment more manageable should you need to. Take a look at our full list of costs, and enquire about 0% finance in Norwich, by clicking here.    

Finding a reputable dentist near me

Corner House Dental is a long-established practice with outstanding patient reviews. When you choose us for your implants treatment, you can expect the highest standards of care and

Dental Implant testimonials at Corner House Dental

Check out our patient testimonials below to gain an insight of what you can expect from dental implants in Norwich from our dentists at Corner House Dental.

“I can’t praise the treatment I received at Corner House Dental highly enough. I had an extraction and an implant by Sean Danino. He took the time to explain the treatment plan thoroughly, was very caring and professional and made me feel really at ease. I am so pleased with the final result. Thank you, Sean and all the staff for making my visits to the dentist actually enjoyable!”

“I have received very professional and friendly service from Dr Sean Danino at this dental practice for my implants, particularly impressed with how he made the whole experience so seamless – customer for life.”

“Corner House Dental (Mr. Francois Smit),was recommended to myself by a personal friend, who had implant surgery. I could not praise the treatment by Francois highly enough, as well as the nursing, and reception staff. Giving me back my smile / confidence, helping with digestive problems, many thanks Francois, and team C H Dental ?.”