Wrinkle Correction Treatment: Fabulous-Looking Skin For The Summer

As we’re writing this, things are a little wobbly around the world, and we hope all our patients are safe and well during these turbulent times. Hopefully, normality isn’t too far away and when everything finally settles down, we can all enjoy the delights of the great outdoors again.

Many of our patients are regular wrinkle correction patients and we hope to be able to resume treatment very soon. In the meantime, we thought we’d look at why wrinkle correction is such a great and cost-effective non-surgical summer treatment.

Prevent summer squint lines

During summer time, sunlight and water are two elements we are exposed to on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the combination can result in a lot of squinting, which contributes to the onset of crow’s feet – the lines that form near the corners of your eyes. Botox works to disable the muscles that cause crown’s feet from manifesting and in turn, prevent from the formation of new wrinkles.

No recovery period or need to take time out post-treatment

Our summer calendar is usually one of the busiest time of our year, filled with social engagements and holidays. This can leave you with limited time to assign to coming into the practice. Having wrinkle correction treatment just before the summer months (start of June) will ensure your skin is wrinkle-free when you’re roaming the parks, beaches and embarking on road trips with your family.

Wrinkle correction treatment doesn’t require you to hide from the sun

A number of anti-ageing treatments, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion and surgery, require you to stay out of the sun for several weeks post-treatment, which can be frustrating during the summer months. Wrinkle correction treatment allows you to temporarily eliminate the appearance of wrinkles without the need to stay out of the sun. Remember to wear sunscreen, whether you’ve undergone Botox or not.

Look fantastic for summer  

One of the obvious benefits of wrinkle correction treatment is the way it gives you a younger-looking appearanace, whilst accentuating your natural features. We all love to take photographs on the beach and on holiday over the warmer months – look rejuvenated, with wrinkle-free skin when you look back over memories of your holidays.


If you would like more information about wrinkle correction treatment, please click here. We look forward to welcoming out patients back to the practice. Stay safe everyone.