Tooth whitening FAQs

What is tooth whitening?

This is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment. Teeth naturally become darker and discoloured with age. Lifestyle choices, drinking a lot of tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can also stain and discolour your teeth. With the teeth whitening procedure we can help and whiten your teeth considerably.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Clinical research and safety studies have shown that under supervision of an appropriately trained dentist, tooth whitening is perfectly safe on the teeth, gums, cheeks and other soft tissue.

Why cant a beautician do my bleaching?

It is illegal for a beautician to do dental tooth whitening using tooth-whitening gels. The General Dental Council has established that tooth whitening should only be administered by a qualified Dentist or under the supervision of a qualified dental professional.

Why is our whiteing system the best?

At Cornerhouse Dental, we use a bleaching system which is clinically proven to achieve a brighter smile which lasts. We ensure that our system is the best in terms of safety and results. Our bleaching trays are specially designed to seal properly so that no saliva enters and in so doing does not negatively affect the outcome. As clinicians we use special whitening gels with a neutral pH and with the optimum concentration to deliver results that are predictable and that lasts.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Normally the white colour achieved, remains quite stable and can last up to 3 years. This does however depend on the individual and can be affected by diet, oral hygiene, lifestyle choices and age. Some patients may need periodic top-ups to achieve the colour that they have in mind.

How long does it take?

An in house (in surgery) bleaching takes approximately 1 hour. A home kit takes approximately 2 weeks. Using your bleaching trays overnight nightly or if you do not get on with the bleaching trays overnight, then for an hour or more before bedtime, after you have eaten, every day for two weeks. At your review appointment after two weeks you have the option to add in house bleaching, this gives the best results but is not compulsory.

What is the procedure for home bleaching?

First appointment: We take an impression of your teeth in order to have bleaching trays made, this takes fifteen min.
Second appointment: This will be ten days later – your bleaching trays will be ready and you will be given your trays along with a ten minute bleaching instructions appointment.

Two weeks later: Ten minute review with your dentist to see whether you are happy with your results, with the option to have an additional in house bleaching if you would like to get an even whiter result.

How long does in surgery bleaching take?

In surgery bleaching takes plus/minus one hour.

What does it cost?

Home Bleaching only – £350.00
In Surgery Bleaching only – £250.00
Home Bleaching + in surgery (best result) – £500.00

Can i get a top up for my bleaching?

Yes you can, we sell top-up bleaching syringes, which you use with your bleaching trays, when and if you require. You can use an Enlighten top up syringe which costs £45 per syringe.

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