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The Invisalign treatment is designed to reveal the smile you deserve!

The BENEFITS of Invisalign retainers are that they are custom-made to move your teeth efficiently, gently and accurately, each step taking you closer to the next version of you.

They are INVISIBLE – the aligners are almost invisible, therefore hardly anyone will even notice that you are having treatment.

The aligners are REMOVABLE, this is less disruptive to your lifestyle as you can remove them whilst eating, drinking as well as flossing and brushing your teeth. 

The clear aligners have no metal brackets or wires and are therefore more COMFORTABLE.

So, if you have always dreamed of having straight teeth but can’t abide the idea of having potentially visible brackets in your mouth for a prolonged period, then the almost invisible clear aligners from Invisalign at our Norwich practice are the ideal option for you.

At Corner House Dental our Norwich dentists work really hard to set new levels of excellence, they do not only concentrate on crooked or crowded teeth, but look at your complete smile. In consultation with you and your dental wish list, a decision will then be made on how to proceed. We always want you to feel completely at ease and confident in the decision you have made, therefore welcome any questions or queries you may have.

How Invisalign in Norwich can benefit your oral health

  • Your teeth are less prone to gum disease – When your teeth are poorly aligned, your gums are more likely to be exposed in your mouth, making them susceptible to gum disease more quickly. Having your teeth straightened will reduce the possibility of this occurring.
  • No Bad Breath – Crooked teeth are much more difficult to clean and therefore more likely to attract bits of food and bacteria. When food particles and potentially harmful bacteria are allowed to stick around (quite literally!), they can cause chronic bad breath. Post Invisalign treatment, you’ll find it’s much easier to keep your teeth and tongue food particle-free, and consequently, to beat that bad breath.
  • No enamel wear – Crowded and misaligned teeth can often protrude in abnormal directions. Whilst this isn’t great for the aesthetics of your smile, it can also cause problems with the protective enamel coating your teeth need to avoid erosion. As your teeth in the lower jaw rub against those in the upper jaw (and vice versa), abrasion occurs, which wears the enamel coating, leaving you at risk of pain and decay. Once your teeth are straight, your bite will be healthy and will not cause your teeth to meet in this way.
  • Reduced chance of InjuryIt’s no surprise that protruding and badly aligned teeth are not as stable as those which sit in a natural position in the mouth. As they don’t have the support they need from other teeth, this can make them more prone to cracks and chips, requiring treatment like crowns or composite bonding. With this in mind, straightening your smile is an investment that can save you from needing restorative treatment in the future.

Step 1.

We look whether you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign, address your expectations and any concerns you may have. We then take digital photos which are used to plan your new smile.

Step 2.

Impressions of your teeth are then taken and these impressions are sent directly to Invisalign in the USA.

Step 3.

ClinCheck – Invisalign uses 3D computer imaging which allows you to view your virtual treatment plan. You are then able to see the digital image of what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment. It also highlights how your teeth have moved with every change of aligners, so you get to see what your progression has been with each aligner change.

Step 4.

You receive your first set of aligners, which are to be worn for 22 hours per day, only removed for eating and drinking.

Invisalign Norwich Cost

We offer affordable Invisalign in Norwich. Visit our fees page for more information on Invisalign costs in Norwich. 

Your Invisalign Quotation includes the following:

  1. Orthodontic Assessment
  2. Orthodontic X-rays
  3. Any amendments to the ClinCheck
  4. Retainers

Should you decide to upgrade and pay for the superior Vivera retainers at the end of your treatment phase, this will be at your own discretion.

Why choose Corner House Dental for Orthodontics?

  • Specialist orthodontists have extra training and experience
  • Private treatment = no waiting lists
  • Bespoke orthodontic care plans and selection of discrete braces and aligners
  • Trusted by referral dental practices across Norwich
  • Flexible payment options, including interest free finance*

Invisalign FAQs

How much is Invisalign?

This is often the most common question and is obviously an important factor for many patients! Invisalign is an amazing product which can be used for the simplest cases all the way to very complex cases.

As such the price is not fixed as a patient can need as little as 5 aligners (plastic braces) or over 50 aligners depending on the severity of your dental misalignment, the duration of the treatment and the type of correction you are looking for. The price of your personal Invisalign treatment plan will be determined by your Invisalign dentist, based on your specific needs.

How long does Invisalign take?

The length of your treatment is an important factor to consider. We get asked this question by the majority of our patients “How long does Invisalign treatment take ?” and the answer is dictated by 2 factors.

  • The first being that it depends on how complex of a case you have.
  • How disciplined you are with wearing your aligners.

Your dentist will be able to advise a realistic timeframe to achieve the end result once they have assessed you. On average for an adult, you would be looking at 12 months but again this can be less or more depending on how complex your particular case is. However, you should start seeing results within a matter of weeks of your appointment here in Norwich.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is quite a simple process in terms of how it works.

For more details follow one of these links explaining What is Invisalign and How it Works

How noticeable are Invisalign?

In times gone by braces were fitted using a grey metal structure that attached to the individual teeth however unlike braces, Invisalign clear aligners are removable and virtually invisible. Invisalign aligners are created using groundbreaking material that is clear in appearance.

There are no wires and brackets, so you don’t need to change the way you brush and floss. And, you can continue to eat all your favorite foods.

Does Invisalign work?

Invisalign is an amazing product and can be used to treat a whole host of problems and it clearly works!

To date over 5 million people have had their smiles changed with Invisalign. As a company Invisalign is constantly changing and improving spending millions of pounds on research and development.

So the Invisalign of today is massively improved on the Invisalign of 5 or 10 years ago.

How many hours a day do I wear Invisalign?

The simple answer is ALL OF THE TIME! You only take it out to eat, drink, brush and floss! So on average, it should be 20-22 hours a day. If the brace is not in your mouth it is not working and the more you wear the aligner, the quicker and more predictable your treatment will be.

Does the first Invisalign tray do anything?

Yes, every aligner has been computer designed using advanced algorithms to move your teeth gently from the first aligner all the way to the last aligner!

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