How to Properly Floss When Wearing Braces

Make sure you are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful orthodontic treatment. One of the most important steps to achieving a beautiful new smile is remembering to not only floss frequently but properly, during the treatment (and indeed, on a regular basis). Here are 4 crucial tips to remember when flossing your teeth – especially while wearing braces.

  1. Use Waxed Floss

You’ve probably noticed your floss sometimes rips and tears when trying to keep up with your dental hygiene routine. Did you know it is because you are using un-waxed dental floss? To avoid shredding while wearing braces and get the job done right (without wasting floss), use thin, waxed floss when caring for your braces.

  1. Be Generous

We are generally taught to use most things conservatively in order to save the product’s lifespan, and in turn, save money. Try to avoid doing this with dental floss if possible. Be generous with your flossing and use at least 18 inches worth of floss per session. This amount should cover your mouth without running over new areas with old string.


  1. Floss Carefully

What sounds like simple advice might actually be the hardest to stick with: it is easy to rush through flossing and forget about being gentle with our teeth. In fact, often times we thread too rough, under the impression that the harder we floss the better the results. This is false. Flossing with vigor will actually interfere with your braces treatment so instead thread gently against each tooth to get behind the brace wires for better results.


  1. Take Your Time

Flossing should not be finished quickly: the more time you take with the task, the better the outcome. What is the recommended duration for flossing with braces? You should floss your teeth three times as much as normal!


Now that you know these important tips, grab a generous piece of waxed floss, a few minutes on the clock, and maintain those braces with precision and patience. As a bonus, try adding an oral irrigator to the mix and let the stream of water help remove food particles. When your newly aligned incisors are clean and ready to shine, you’ll be quite pleased with the condition of your teeth and smile.