Dental Implants Vs Dentures: Which Should I Choose?

In 2019, no-one needs to live with missing teeth and there are several replacement options available. Two of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth are dentures and dental implants. But which are most suitable for you?

Dental implants and dentures – a comparison

Dentures are false teeth that are removable, whilst dental implants are a fixed and permanent solution. It is widely known that dentures are a more cost-effective solution to tooth loss than dental implants, though implants require a surgical procedure which may deter some patients. Dentures are a non-invasive solution to tooth loss and restore function and aesthetic without an invasive experience.

Eligibility for dental implants

Unfortunately, not everyone is suited to dental implants. Dental implants require a strong and healthy jawbone as well as healthy gums. If we find your jawbone cannot support dental implants, we can look into a bone graft where bone from another areas of the body can be grafted and used to strengthen your jawbone. Once the jawbone has undergone a graft and healed over (this takes around 6 months) the dental implants procedure can begin.

Dental implants – longevity, aesthetic and function restored

The main benefit of dental implants is the fact that they become a permanent part of the body. Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone and left to fuse with the jawbone over a period of several months. As they fuse with your jawbone, they become a permanent part of your body; your jawbone is effectively ‘tricked’ into thinking you have a new tooth root and this triggers tissue growth around the implant. For this reason, dental implants preserve jaw health in a way that dentures can’t. Many people have dentures for a few years and then decide to upgrade to dental implants in order to prevent additional jawbone loss – you can discuss this transition with your dentist here at Corner House Dental to explore your option for dental implants in Norwich.

If you would like to know more about your eligibility for dental implants or dentures, book yourself in for a consultation with our expert Norwich-based team today.