Nervous habits that can affect your teeth

I’m sure many of you will be surprised to hear how relationships, jobs and overactive imaginations can have an effect on your dental health as well as your overall health.

The following nervous habits can actually cause more damage to your teeth than you may realise and you should try to avoid when possible.

Grinding and Biting

Night time grinding is common in people who are suffering from stress.  Due to this habit they can end up waking up with chipped teeth and broken fillings.  Many people don’t realise that they grind and bite their teeth when they are sleeping and it’s not until a loved one catches them that they decide to seek help with this.  If you are constantly waking up with a headache or a sore jaw you might want to visit your dental practice or GP.

Biting nails

When we are nervous or stressed out some of us bite our fingernails with this leading to more serious repercussions for our teeth which include:

  • Diastama, a gap between your two front teeth.
  • The roots of the teeth to become weaker
  • Temporomandibular Joint problems (the hinge joint that connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull, in front of each ear)
  • Gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue)

 Chewing on clothing and gum

It’s a common thing to see people chomping away on their gum, likes there’s no tomorrow, to help calm those nerves and anxieties.  Ex Manchester United Manager, Alex Ferguson is living proof of this.  There are also lots of people who chew on other items like shirt sleeves and other clothing.  If you are someone who has a habit of chewing on things you should avoid this as you can wear out the jaw joint causing muscle pulls and pain.

Sugary Drinks

Studies reveal that one glass of red wine with your dinner is good for your health but drinking can actually increase your stress and anxieties, not to mention the higher acid levels and dehydration which can damage your enamel.  The safest and healthiest option is to stick to drinking water and avoid fizzy drinks and energy drinks.


In the 1950’s everyone was smoking and it was glamorised by lots of famous film stars and celebrities.  Smoking is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to tooth loss, gum disease, mouth cancer and damaging your health and body.  Chemical, heat and bone damaging properties can damage your immune system and your ability to fight off infection.  

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