Why dental implants are the best solution to missing teeth

Why are dental implants so highly regarded?

  • Dental implants are the closest replacement to a real tooth. As they fuse with the bone in your jaw, they become a natural part of you, which means your body will not reject them. Cosmetically, they have the closest semblance to a real tooth.
  • Replacing one or more missing teeth can help restore your facial structure. When you have a tooth missing, your skin can droop which causes you to look older and sometimes even unhealthy.


  • Dental implants offer the best cosmetic results amongst all the treatments that can be used to solve the problem of a missing tooth.
  • Caring for your implant is easy. You can look after it in the same way you would look after your natural teeth. This encompasses brushing twice a day for 2 minutes per day, bi-monthly visits to your dentist and hygienist and flossing regularly. In keeping these up, you reduce your chance of needing attention into your older years.


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Why bother replacing missing teeth?

People often fail to look beyond the aesthetic benefits of replacing missing teeth, or believe that missing teeth are only worth replacing if they are visible to others. This is a misconception that could cost someone’s overall health. Missing teeth can cause continual bone loss into older age, affecting the way your mouth functions.

If left untreated for a prolonged amount of time, ‘bite collapse’ can occur if several back teeth are missing. In turn your front teeth are pushed forward, but they are not designed to support the facial weight that they have to when they relocate to the front of the face, which can expose you to further damage.

Missing teeth can also become a huge source of anxiety, as it stops people from wanting to smile and show their teeth to others. Having a dental implant can be one of the most significant and beneficial decisions a patient makes – here at Corner House Dental we have had many patients tell us that their new implants are a source of great happiness and confidence. Begin your journey to undergo dental implants in Norwich today.

Dr Marcus Spry has extensive experience in this area and would be more than happy to speak to you about the implants procedure at a consultation.