A little bit about air abrasion and micro abrasion at Cornerhouse….

Micro abrasion and air abrasion treatments are an effective and hassle-free way of repairing small amounts of tooth decay and micro abrasion is the quick way of improving the colour of your teeth – known as the ‘facial for teeth’. We also offer HealOzone, a treatment that will make your teeth stronger and more resistant to tooth decay….

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What is micro abrasion?

This procedure is a quick and easy way to improve the colour of your teeth, known as a ‘facial’ for your teeth. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular at our practice as it is a quick and painless alternative to a filling.

For teeth with surface stains, white flecks or for slightly discoloured teeth, micro abrasion is a simple procedure that can remove surface stains without any need for an injection of follow up treatment.

Your dentist will apply an abrasive paste containing ‘exfoliating’ particles onto your teeth and this will remove any surface stains and discolouration, rendering your teeth more natural-looking and rejuvenated. Many of our patients undergo micro abrasion with teeth whitening as these two treatments combined offer long-lasting results and a brighter, younger-looking smile.


What are the advantages of micro abrasion?

  • No need for drilling or injections.
  • A pain-free, simple and quick treatment.
  • Boost your confidence by having teeth that are brighter and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Combine the treatment with tooth whitening to give your smile an extra shine.


What is air abrasion? 

Air abrasion repairs smaller areas of tooth decay. The treatment works by targeting the decayed areas of your tooth. Your dentist here at Cornerhouse will use a fine stream of air amalgamated with small particles of powder in order to remove decay whilst maintaining all of your healthy tooth.


What are the advantages of air abrasion?

  • The procedure is relatively pain-free.
  • Air abrasion does not generate any heat, vibration or pressure.
  • Air abrasion can, on occasion, reduce the need for anaesthesia, especially if the cavity in question is shallow.
  • Air abrasion can reduce the risk of chipping and fracturing of the tooth – this can affect the lifetime of a filling.
  • This is a procedure that is simple.


What is HealOzone?

Ozone gas naturally destroys bacteria which makes it effective in dentistry as it can remove unwanted bacteria from your teeth. The treatment works by removing decay which reduces your chances of developing cavities.

Your dentist will apply the gas directly onto the surface of your decayed tooth which will kill the bacteria, prevent further decay and reduce the need for fillings or drilling.



What are the benefits of HealOzone?

  • Have stronger teeth that are more resistant to tooth decay.
  • Give your teeth added minerals which help keep your tooth enamel (the protective coating on your teeth) healthy.
  • Painless procedure.


If you would like further information about air abrasion or micro abrasion treatment at Cornerhouse, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange a consultation for you.