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Why choose facial aesthetics in dentistry?

Dental professionals have the training, experience and skills to provide a range of facial aesthetic treatments.Here, our experts explain the benefits of choosing facial aesthetics performed by dentists and the treatments they … Read more >

Taking care of your Dental Implants

Dental implants are much like natural teeth – they require a high level of oral care to keep them in top condition.Our expert professionals, who have plenty of experience fitting dental implants … Read more >

Why It’s So Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Has tooth loss become a part of your story? Whether it’s because of ageing, gum disease, poor dental health, or an unfortunate injury, it’s time to turn the page and discover a … Read more >

Missing Teeth? It’s Time for Dental Implant Surgery

Dental Implants in Norwich are a form of specialist dentistry that focuses on replacing missing, decayed, or damaged teeth to restore a patient’s smile. This revolutionary treatment is long-lasting, reliable, and permanent, … Read more >

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Ruin Your Lifestyle

Crowns, Bridges and Bonding

Here at Cornerhouse, crowns, bridges and bonding are just some of the treatments we have available. Here, we outline the key facts about each process so that you can decide which would … Read more >

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a means of replacing teeth. At Cornerhouse, we offer the unique All-on-4 technique, offering a much quicker and simpler mode of dental implant than the traditional model and with … Read more >

Deciding when you need dental implants

Over the past 20 years dental implants have evolved from a small number of patients seeking treatment in hospitals to more patients going to their local dentist and choosing treatments like ‘All-On-4 … Read more >