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Mouth Guards and Orthodontics

An average of 40% of teeth-related injuries are also sports-related which means it’s essential to protect your teeth with a gum guard, especially during high contact sports such as rugby, boxing, football, … Read more >

Frequently Asked Questions: Implants

Q.What is a dental implant? A. A small screw (almost always made from titanium), that acts as the root of a tooth. Dental implants are biocompatible which means they fuse with your … Read more >

Sugar and your smile

It is common knowledge that eating too much sugar is bad from you. A chief cause of obesity and its associated problems, sugar is also a chief culprit for type two diabetes … Read more >

How to Properly Floss When Wearing Braces

Make sure you are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful orthodontic treatment. One of the most important steps to achieving a beautiful new smile is remembering to not … Read more >