Monthly Archives: October 2016

Keep your kids healthy this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, your child is likely to be consuming a few more sweets than normal! This can be slightly spooky for their teeth, as confectionary promotes bacteria in the form … Read more >

A little bit about air abrasion and micro abrasion at Cornerhouse….

Micro abrasion and air abrasion treatments are an effective and hassle-free way of repairing small amounts of tooth decay and micro abrasion is the quick way of improving the colour of your … Read more >

Easy ways to improve the appearance of your smile

It has become increasingly popular to visit the dentist to discuss cosmetic dentistry options for aesthetic purposes. In recent times, people are more self-conscious of their dental imperfections and smile. Changing the … Read more >

Protecting children’s teeth – what to know

Recently, it has been found that two in five children in England failed to visit a dentist in the past year. These statistics are nothing to smile about, as tooth decay is … Read more >